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Supporting communities to improve quality of life

The ripple effect of AAH is felt throughout the community.  AAH employs teachers, administrators, medical workers and support staff.  With steady employment and better pay, their standard of living has improved and enabled them to build better homes for their families and put their own children through school.

AAH also impacts the local economy, creating entrepreneurial opportunities through the demand for construction services, school supplies, textbooks, food, transportation and more.  In the past, AAH has provided support for women’s microfinance, better housing programs, clean water and expanded solar power. AAH’s new standards of excellence inspire many local schools, health clinics, and organizations.


Healthy homes is an initiative started with an aim of improving the quality life of people in the community through improved housing. Through this, homes have got their floors cemented and provided solar lanterns for light.

This project has benefited 172 homes around Bulucheke, Bumwalukani, Nabweya, Nakatsi, Bushiyi, Bushika, Bupoto and Bukigai. Through cementing floors, we have reduced parasitic infections, jiggers, and other related illnesses arising from dust and mud.

 The goal of this project was to provide our community with solar street lights to help increase night time safety and allow businesses to stay open after sunset. As part of this project, we will train members of your community to maintain the lights. 

I obtained a soft loan through the RAIS program to boost my fish business. I used the funds to start a Black Soldier Fly (BSF) project which has helped me reduce the cost of food concentrates and yet easy to manage. I am very happy for the initiative.

Stephen Washitwaya

Fish farmer, Bulome Village, Bududa

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