Kikholo Urban Initiative

Members of the kikholo community attend a sensitization meeting
AAH staff join the community in a community cleaning exercise
The community very carrying out business with the help of the installed street solar lights

Kikholo Solar Project

Solar lights installed with the support of the United States Embassy that has changed lives of the community.
kikholo tc

The solar project has has had a tremendous impact on the lives of the community.


Kikholo UrbanDevelopment Intiative Association  (KUDIA)

This program was initiated by Mr John Wanda in 2018 with an aim of transforming people’s lives into urban setting. It started in Kikholo Town in Bududa district and will expand to other areas of Bududa.

The major objective of the project is to formulate sustainable development projects that can help the community members to raise income so as to be able to take their children to school. They should also be able to live healthy lives as they grow their income.

What we do 

The association encourages and trains members on saving culture through the SACCOs to raise money for their needs and business.

The initiative through its programs holds a number of business ideas aiming at improving livelihood among the community

The organization secured 10 solar street lights. The project funded by the American Embassy has caused great change in the business and social livelihood.

As we work towards improving the livelihood of the community, we also ensure that the community is responsible for living in a hygienic environment. Community cleaning is regularly carried out.

Need to join us

Do you feel interested to join us in developing our community, get in touch with us.
So far installed street lights
members of the SACCO

Under this association we have held a number of meetings to sensitize the community about health and community development objectives and values.

Moses Isingoma Bashaija - Director Enterprises and special projects