AAH embraced ICT intensively in the year 2020 during the time of lock-down following the Covid-19 pandemic. The transition started with equipping all teachers with relevant IT skills to enable them adopt the new methods of teaching and learning using technology.

Classes at Arlington Junior School have been equipped with IT infrastructure to support teaching and learning using technology.

All students that go through the Arlington Academy of Hope program must be IT literate just like the teachers. The organization through its robust IT department trains teachers and students.

Online learning

During lockdown, AAH supported its students along with some community outreach schools with online learning. This was made possible by the schools that our students go to and supported by the IT department at AAH.

Teachers adopted using programs to prepare, teach, assess and report performance of students. Technology has since then supported the teaching and learning exercise in classes and has improved attendance in school. It creates a fast and effective way of teaching that uses digital teaching aids to help our students understand concepts better.

Holiday program

computer holiday program

The organization has setup a holiday program to equip all secondary and tertiary students with computer knowledge as a way of empowering them to adopt the use of technology in learning. The It