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Technology will not replace great teachers, but technology in the hands of great teachers can be transformational.

George Couros

Transforming lives through ICT

Arlington Academy of Hope through its Covid -19 intervention strategy initiated the ICT program.

ICT has had a visible impact in the education system of Arlington. It has evolved the methods of teaching, learning and assessment to a more effective and efficient method. With new innovations and knowledge sharing platforms, learning has been made easier, faster and more collaborative.


To implement the strategy, an ICT  training program was held for a period of two months by a consultancy firm. This gave birth to a vibrant team of skilled staff to push new developments in education, health and social development.

AAH installed the necessary infrastructure to implement the digitalization agenda as Covid-19 pandemic effects worsened. The infrastructure empowered teachers, students and all staff to use digital devices to research, share information and collaborate. They have been able to implement all the new e-learning programs introduced to support the learners during this time.

All learners at AAH must be ICT competent in an effort to transform their life for better through being able to use ICT tools for learning. Training is continuously held to empower all learners to be in position to use technology for everyday life.

ICT Training sessions

Staff undertake training sessions by a team of experts on how to use digital systems in teaching and learning, research and collaboration.

Impacting student lives through ICT resources

Adopting DIGITAL teaching and learning

AAH initiated the online learning program to support the traditional learning methods. Our students have copied up with all the initiatives brought by other students

Class infrastructure

All AAH classes have been transformed from the traditional Chalk and blackboard system to use of digital equipment.

Why DIGITAL learning?

You’ll be able to access your learning materials online any time, and with advanced tools like lab simulations you can even carry out science experiments from the comfort of your own home!

Receiving digital equipment

installing ICT equipment in class

testing devices

Students enjoy a class

As many schools have adopted new online learning, AAH has not been left behind

A student attends online classes in the AJS  library