percentage of patients
Malaria patients 66%
STIs 46%
Bacterial infections 50%

Our Clinic services

Beatrice Tierney health centres are now providing extensive network of services that are integrated together to form a health care package that looks at addressing the health needs of the community in line with ministry of health guidelines and recommendations. The services offered at both clinics are; out-patient services, HIV counselling &testing, HIV treatment, antenatal care, post-natal care, immunisation, adolescent friendly services, GBSV care services, community health outreach services, Laboratory services, TB testing and treatment and health education. In addition to these services Beatrice Tierney Health centre of Bupoto also provide maternity services offers safe delivery services.

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Beatrice Tierney Health Clinic

Patients at Beatrice Tierney Clinic – Bumwalukani at the health facility awaiting medical attention.

Summary statistics of patients receiving services annually


get family planning


Receive entenatal


got immunised



How it started

AAH health program started with the establishment of Beatrice Tierney health centre II-Bumwalukani in 2004 with the intent of addressing the overwhelming health needs in the community and address the challenges of students having to walk long distances while seeking health services at government health facilities where services where highly affected by a number of challenges. It was named “Beatrice Tierney” in honour of Beatrice Tierney straddling as a major funder for the project. It started over as a simple small unit with basic outpatient services that focused on managing simple common conditions, referral of complicated cases and emergency care. These services kept on improving and adding to the current diversity of services. This was later followed with the establishment of Beatrice Tierney health Bupoto in 2008 to address the similarly overwhelming health needs in Bupoto community helping reduce gaps in health where mothers seeking maternal and child health services and other categories of community members seeking for health care moving long distances in the unwelcoming terrain of Namisindwa with many getting difficulties during delivery, vaccination services among others.

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Recently we have enhanced our equipment with the help of our partners from Gould family foundation, I preparation for handling covid-19 and its complications.

We have engaged in new partnerships with Uganda medical protestant medical bureau aimed at TB eradication in the community.