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The girls’ advocacy programs works to ensure that every girl has an education, knows their rights and others’ and their voices are heard.

Our programming focuses on GIRL education,  mentorship, Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights(SRHR) and skills development as a major additive.

This year, we have extended our program to 26 outreach schools on addition to the support rendered in education. They have been included in our girls programming activities and supporting 11,000 girls each year in those schools.

Empowering a girl child through education

In 2023, the education sponsorship program directly supported 681 girls from primary level, through secondary to tertiary/university.

Primary education: 431

Secondary: 170

University: 78

Girls have been recognised for outstanding performance in sports, leadership, debates and advocacy. 


A delegation of AAH attends annual conferences, Girls First Summits organized by our longest term partner shes the first. Partner coalition brings partners together to share experience, knowledge and understand how best to implement girls programs amidst unique challenges of girls they serve. STF shares great resources that we use for mentorship, SRHR and related trainings.

Through these resources, we have trained girls on how to make decisions through the What Would You Do (WWYD) game

What we do with girls


Girls are mentored in areas like career, leadership, self esteem and advocacy. Mentors spend time with the girls on regular basis to listen to the girls and share thoughts.

This seeks to empower the girls at different ages with right knowledge about sexuality. The challenges of girls on sexuality are affected by lack of right information about their bodies, rights and freedoms. With challenges rotating around cultural norms, religion and missinformation among others.

Girls are trained in skills like tailoring, weaving, baking, among others. These do not only give an additional skill but helps them raise some source of income. 

Girl mentor

Esther Timbe

Esther Timbe

Girls programming coordinator

Esther is a beneficiary of the Arlington sponsorship program and has great passion for girls. She has worked hard to put girls at the fore front and advocate for their rights at various platforms. She is dedicated to developing training programs for all girls and staff. 

Skills development

Girls train in tailoring, a skill that enables them to make bags, pads, aprons, uniforms, dresses. Every girl needs a special skill


Girls at Arlington Junior School during a mentorship session during routine sessions. The girls are mentored to make informed decisions about their life and future.

SRHR training

Girls attend a Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights training in Bududa with a team of volunteer trainers together with health workers of Bududa hospital.

Staff training

Mentors through a training about how to deal with girls. They are equipped with knowledge on exploration, problem-solving, active listening among others. 



We involve girls in deciding what concerns them. The methodology seeks to understand the mentee’s thoughts, feelings, experiences from their unique perspective.

We understand that every girl has unique characteristics including identity, social and cultural aspects that influence their experiences.

With these, we are able to do needs assessment which directs how we build assets for the girls.


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