Mr zake sekitoleko

Mr zake sekitoleko

Headteacher - Arlington Junior School

Mr Zake has great experience in primary education and has worked in reputable schools around Kampala and other areas around the country. He has record history in leadership and administration.

Mr James makosya

Mr James makosya

Deputy Headteacher - Arlington Junior School

James a born of Mbale is a committed teacher of English, Social Studies and CRE. He holds grade III certificate, Diploma in Education, Bachelor of Education and Master of Arts in applied Linguistics. He has a history of great performance.

The AAH school provides a quality primary school education to 450 boys and girls from first through seventh grades at the Arlington Junior School (AJS).

Children are taught a rigorous, traditional curriculum in English with emphasis on science, social studies, reading and math.  The AAH education program encourages participation, debate, critical thinking and self-expression.  

AAH students provides students at its school with a morning snack and lunch each day. All students receive a uniform and school supplies. Attendance at AJS is close to 100% each day, compared to 70% in public schools.

Many of AJS students are sponsored by donors in the U.S. or elsewhere in the world. In addition to critical financial support, sponsors provide personal attention and moral encouragement through the exchange of letters and photos.

Because of the high standards implemented at the primary level, for 15 consecutive years now, 100% of AAH students have passed the Primary Leaving Exam, the national exam taken by all students in Uganda at the end of primary school.  As a result, nearly every student has advanced to secondary school, a striking contrast to other schools in the region.

This year, 360 children are attending secondary boarding schools on AAH scholarships.  We have accomplished this via our Secondary School Scholarship Program which is funded by a caring community of volunteers, child sponsors, donors, partners and friends in the United States, Uganda, and throughout the world. Many of our sponsored students attend some of the best schools in Uganda such as Uganda Martyrs Namugongo, Seeta High School, or Trinity College Nabbingo. Almost all of our students who complete secondary school join university or vocational school.

For five years now, students on the AAH program have been graduating from university or vocational institutions with degrees, diplomas, and certificates.  We now have 204 graduates from tertiary schooling.  Our graduates include nurses, teachers, public administrators, auto mechanics, social workers, etc.  Another 160 are presently enrolled in tertiary institutions, pursuing certificates, diplomas, and degrees in many academic disciplines.

The AAH OUTREACH PROGRAM connects the AAH school to 26 local primary schools in Uganda. In addition, AAH helped fund the re-building of Bulobi Primary School and a new classroom block at Bumwalye Primary School. AAH provides resources, teacher training, and PLE practice tests. Schools from within the Outreach program are linked to schools in the US on a sister school relationship when the opportunity arises. To date, 6 Uganda schools have partners in the US. Successful students from AAH Outreach Schools are given scholarships to join secondary school.

IT competence

Arlington Academy of Hope empowers all its students and staff to adopt IT in teaching, learning and work.

Using IT for teaching

Our classes are set to use technology to teach. We empower our teachers to use modern teaching methods that are effective and efficient.


Students during a morning assembly

Support staff

The support staff ready busy at work

Practical learning

Students engage in practical lessons.

More learning

Computer lessons by our partners Fundi Boots